Are there brain regions dedicated to making our sensations conscious?

Ausaf Farooqui

12 Mart 2019 Salı 18:00 Salon: ŞAKİR KOCABAŞ SALONU




Medeniyet Araştırmaları Merkezi is going to host Dr. Ausaf Farooqui* from Cambridge University -MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit on a special meeting to hear about his studies. On this occasion he will deliver a speech on the question of "Are there brain regions dedicated to making our sensations conscious?" 


"Search for neural activity that correlates only with conscious awareness (‘neural correlates of consciousness’) has been thought of as a tractable first step towards a neuroscientific account of consciousness. In this talk I will review and analyze key candidates for neural correlates of consciousness, and show some of my own findings that suggest that there may be no neural activity that correlates with awareness across all forms of perception."

Please note: The meeting will be held in English.



*Ausaf Farooqui's first degree was in medicine after which he did a masters in neuroscience from the National Brain Research Center. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and have been working there since as a Medical Research Council Investigator Scientist. His research is focussed on conceptual issues related to Cognitive Control, Consciousness and Fronto-Parietal regions.

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