Issue 50  Year: 2021

Issue 50  Year: 2021

12 أغسطس, 2021

The 50th issue of Dîvân consists of five articles, five book reviews and an obituary. The articles includes original and interesting researches on various topics such as a foundational disciplinary attempt in Islamic sciences, text construction, the positioning problem of Ibn Khaldun in the literature, a philosophical perspective on globalization, and early exegetical works of Quran. The book reviews present a review of works that were produced in the disciplines ranging from hadith to philosophy. The obituary section traces Mehmet Genç's academic life and works. For detailed information please visit

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As the most traditonal activity of BISAV, the courses take place in every fall and spring of a year.



الاشتراك في النشرة الإخبارية لدينا لتلقي الأخبار والتحديثات.