Takriz in Classical Turkish Literature

Nagihan Gür

22 نوفمبر, 2014 03:00 م Salon: ŞAKİR KOCABAŞ SALONU

On November 22nd 2014, Center for Art Studies will host Nagihan Gür under the Kırkambar Dissertations and Articles. Gür  will deliver a speech “Takriz in Classical Turkish Literature” based on her doctoral thesis. The event will be held in Şakir Kocabaş Hall of the Foundation for Sciences and Arts at 15:00.The event will be held in Turkish, and is free to public.

This study, which targets to reveal the course of takriz tradition in Classical Turkish Literature, consists of four chapters with the “Introduction” and the appendix. In the “Introduction,” in which the problem, goal, scope, and method of the thesis are presented, there is given some information about the texts of takriz and the persons who had written these texts. In the “First Chapter,” this study questions how the literature of takriz constitutes a tradition in Arabian, Persian, and Turkish literature by presenting the definitions and assessments made about takriz. In the “Second Chapter” entitled as “Takriz Tradition in Classical Turkish Literature,” the research questions are probed: the feature of the form of takriz, to which works they had been written, in which place they are situated in the works, and why they were written. In the “Third Chapter” titled “Takriz as a Writing Type in Classical Turkish Literature,” the thesis reveals the importance of the texts of takriz in terms of the history of literature, their literary-aesthetics value, and how they are positioned in classical tradition. In the “Forth Chapter” called “The Function of Takriz in Classical Turkish Literature,” the research examines other some questions and problems: how the texts of takriz take on a task in the history of literature and biography, the reliability and correctness of the information of which these texts involve, and where the literature of takriz takes part in the production of work. After these chapters, in the “Appendix 1,” there are the texts of Turkish takriz that form the materials of abovementioned questions and problems. In this part, the texts of takriz chronologize. In the “Appendix 2” of this study, there are some original examples of the poetic-prosaic takriz. 
In consequence of several determinations about abovementioned chapters, the thesis concludes that takriz has a remarkable place in the tradition of Classical Turkish Literature and this literature would have created its own original tradition. Also with the containing information and evaluation, we realized that this literature is a primary source for the research and critique of the history of literature. 

Kırkambar Dissertations and Articles

Takriz in Classical Turkish Literature

Nagihan Gür

22 November 2014 Saturday


Şakir Kocabaş Hall

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