The Center for Art Studies (SAM) is a host for study, analysis, and critique in different artistic branches, as well as for activities focused on reflecting upon the arts. The center encourages a holistic perspective on traditional and modern, local and international art scenes and activities. It also supports studies and activities that help individuals construct an aesthetic sophistication in their inner worlds. In addition, the Center for Art Studies aims to help make sense of the changing conceptions of art and of the relationship between different branches and products of art on the one hand, and the individual who constantly encounters them, on the other.

The Center for Art Studies also hosts leading academics and artists through its series titled Kırkambar (Stores) while it provides ample opportunity to discuss various specific issues through other colloquia it organizes, such as the series on From “Image with Soul” to Cinema film discussions where movies and documentaries, both on screen and off, are discussed from a critical perspective. Furthermore, the Center conducts workshops and working groups on different topics, such as Hayal Perdesi Film Workshop, Ottoman Cinema Workshop, Novel and the Truth Reading Group, Shakespeare Reading Group on the one hand, and a set of colloquia such as The Rules of Arts in Turkiye, The Series Of   Deconstruction Of Cultural Heritage: Museum Studies And Rebuilding Of The Identıty  on the other.

The documentary, titled Geri Dönüşüm (Recycling), which was produced by the Hayal Perdesi Cinema Workshop, won the Best Movie Award at the 8th Izmir Short Film Festival. Likewise, Sardunya  won the “Best Short Movie of the Balkans Award” at the 2nd International Short Film Festival held in Bulgaria. Another film, Eski Kazan (The Old Boiler), produced by the same group, won the Best Screenplay Awardat the 10th Marmara Communications Short Film Festival, and the Best Movie Award at the2nd Crystal Clapperboard Film Competition.

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As the most traditonal activity of BISAV, the courses take place in every fall and spring of a year.



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