Society and Politics in Ottoman Jerusalem (1703-1789)

Alaattin Dolu

25 مايو, 2017 05:00 م Salon: ŞAKİR KOCABAŞ SALONU

On May 25th 2017, Center for Turkish Studies will host Alaattin Dolu* under the diskussions theses-articles. Dolu will deliver a speech about “Society and Politics in Ottoman Jerusalem (1703-1789)”** based on his thesis.***

This thesis deals with the activities of notables in urban politics with their wealth and the operation of the complaint mechanism in Jerusalem, 1703-1789. After the introduction where primary and secondary sources evaluated, first chapter has described urban identity of Jerusalem. Ongoing features of the value of being the religious city since the time of Islamic states contributed to the development of the waqfs. Following chapter discusses spaces and political figures which contribute this identity formation. In this respect, third chapter dealt with effects of the foundations that important source for the notables leading to urban politics, and relations with the state of employees in this foundation. This chapter takes also surre which one of the important giving of Ottoman Empire to Jerusalemites while aims to reveal the distribution of wealth in the city. In the last chapter are evaluated the complaint issues and operation of the complaint mechanism, a privilege offered to the subjects of the Ottoman Empire, in Jerusalem. Main resources of the thesis are the court records in Palestine Archives and complaint registers in Ottoman Archives. In addition to this sources are used the chronicles and the fatwa books.



** PhD Thesis, Hacettepe University, 2017.

*** The speech will be conducted in Turkish.


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