Typologies and Atlas of the Ottoman Cities (1450-1700)

Yunus Uğur

17 مارس, 2018 05:00 م Salon: ARAŞTIRMA II SALONU

Turkey Research Center presents a new series titled "Talks on Cities and Neighborhood" that will give you the opportunity to discuss the historical and contemporary issues of the urban planning, spatial history, and environment through related books, dissertations and articles. In our next meeting in March, we are going to host Yunus Uğur*. He will present his discussion on Typologies and Atlas of the Ottoman Cities (1450-1700).**

“The aim of this project is to reach a standard level of information about and typologies of the cities in order to study them in comparative perspective with both the Ottoman cities themselves and the other world cities. This requires identifying and mapping (via GIS tools) the common features of the cities first on the basis of data given in the primary sources and secondary sources and then to explore the cities’ distinctive, similar and different features in relation to other cities. That is what the project is aiming at succeeding by focusing on the existing studies on the Ottoman cities.”***


*Assist. Prof., Sehir University

** The speech will be conducted in Turkish.

*** http://sam.sehir.edu.tr/english/research/


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As the most traditonal activity of BISAV, the courses take place in every fall and spring of a year.



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