The Postal History of Ottoman Empire

Turhan Turgut

29/شعبان/1440 03:00 م Salon: ŞAKİR KOCABAŞ SALONU

This is a talk series conducted with authors who have recently published a book in the area of Turkish studies. It aims to both have a conversation with authors who have a new idea to share with the academic community, and critically review their work. On May 4th 2019, Center for Turkish Studies will host Turhan Turgut* under the diskussions a book/an author. Turgut will deliver a speech about The Postal History of Ottoman Empire** based on his a book.***

From the blurb:

“The first uniquely illustrated comprehensive study based on original archival material.

Turkish philately has been missing a fully comprehensive body of information relating to postal rates during the Ottoman era. This study attempts to fill this gap by creating an inclusive resource based on multiple diverse pieces of public information as well as documents found in the extensive Turkish national archives.”


* Alfa Yayınları, 2018

** Businessman, collector

*** The speech will be conducted in Turkish.



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As the most traditonal activity of BISAV, the courses take place in every fall and spring of a year.



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