Week 11



Eco-fiction: Literature as a Solution to Ecological Problems

Sezgin Toska

We have another Kitabiyat meeting in March. Sezgin Toska, Asst. Prof. at İzmir Katip Çelebi University English Language and Literature Department, will deliver a speech on his book Ekokurgu: Ekolojik Sorunların Çözüm Yolu Olarak Edebiyat (Eco-fiction: Literature as a Solution to Ecological Problems).

17 Mart 2018 Cumartesi

Spatial Rural Socio-Economic and Cultural Transformation in Turkey

Ferhat KentelMurat Öztürk

Center for Global Studies will organize an event on the social tranformation of rural in Turkey. Prof. Dr. Ferhat Kentel and Murat Öztürk will make a presentation in the framework of the research project entitled "Socio-economic and Cultural Transformation of Rural Places: Modernized and Disappearing Traditional Spaces and Meanings" jointly carried out by TUBITAK in 2014-2017. The meeting will start at Şakir Kocabaş Hall on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 16.00 hrs.

17 Mart 2018 Cumartesi

Modernism and House

Yusuf Civelek

On March 17th, The Center for Art Studies will host Yusuf Civelek under House and Architecture discuss “Modernism and House”

17 Mart 2018 Cumartesi

Typologies and Atlas of the Ottoman Cities (1450-1700)

Yunus Uğur

Turkey Research Center presents a new series titled "Talks on Cities and Neighborhood" that will give you the opportunity to discuss the historical and contemporary issues of the urban planning, spatial history, and environment through related books, dissertations and articles. In our next meeting in March, we are going to host Yunus Uğur. He will present his discussion on Typologies and Atlas of the Ottoman Cities (1450-1700).

17 Mart 2018 Cumartesi

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As the most traditonal activity of BISAV, the courses take place in every fall and spring of a year.



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