The Trap

Seyid Çolak

13 Aralık 2020 Pazar 20:00 Salon: TOPLANTI SALONU

Center for Art Studies and The Turkish Cinema Research Project are hosting Seyid Çolak as the guest of From "Image with Soul” to Cinema meeting series. In the 22nd session of the series the film of the director Kapan (The Trap) will be our topic.


The film will be shown at 18.30 – 19.55 on December 13th, 2020. After the show, the talk about the film with our guest under the moderation of Ayşe Yılmaz will be available on the BİSAV TV YouTube Channel at 20.00. Those who want to attend the movie screening, must fill in the application form on the website.


The event will be conducted in Turkish, and is free to public.

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