The Coastal Regions of Bosphorus and Golden Horn, Accordıng to The Last Bostancıbaşı Regıstry Book

Hülya Arslan

21 Kasım 2019 Perşembe 17:00 Salon: ŞAKİR KOCABAŞ SALONU

On November 21th 2019, Center for Turkish Studies will host Hülya Arslan under the discussions theses-articles. Arslan will deliver a speech about “The Coastal Regions of Bosphorus and Golden Horn, Accordıng to The Last Bostancıbaşı Regıstry Book”* based on her thesis.**



“One of the main sources containing significant data on the history of Istanbul, especially on the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus, is the Bostancıbaşı registry books (Bostancıbaşı Defterleri). These periodically registered books provide plenty of data, on many subjects ranging from the history of settlement to the demographic situation of the time, from the strategic locations to the types of architectural buildings, from the social, economic change and transformation to the social and economic logistics.

In some of the studies on these registry books, that is the eleven pieces known up to date, texts were latinized only from Ottoman Turkish to contemporary one, but none of them covers the detailed charts, classifications and analyzes of the text. The main purpose of our thesis is to classify and analyze the data and records in the registry books, which contain substantial information about the city's economy, politics, sociology, demography, spatial toponomy and topography and all other characteristics.

The main material of this study, the registry book which is the latest Bostancıbaşı registry book according to findings, has been latinized first, and dated due to the information it contains and finally provided the identification information of all other Bostancıbaşı registry books. After the explication of the character of Bostancıbaşı profession and the structure of registry books, whole content analyzed in accordance with the basic goal of the study. Information and data of the registry book classified according to the types of buildings, purpose of their usages and status of the landlords. Registered information is scanned and examined in terms of aforementioned classification system; numerical data and names are charted. All information classified according to their region and districts. In addition, the professional religious and social diversity of property owners are also both accounted and numerated. By means of each table and supportive information, we wanted to create a solid background for the analysis.

This study, which consists of detailed charts, lists, analyzes of the last Bostancıbaşı registry book which was written after the Mahmud period and the Greek Revolt of 1822-1823, contains important information and outcomes in terms of city history and social history - which will shed light on the subsequent works.”


*Master Thesis, FSMV University, 2019

* The speech will be conducted in Turkish.


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