The Logic of Concept in the Logicians of Post-Ibn Sînâ Period- -in the Case of Ali b. Umar al-Katibi and Qutbaddin al-Razi

Mehmet Özturan

21 Eylül 2013 Cumartesi 17:00 Salon: ARAŞTIRMA II SALONU

Orgainized by Centre for Civilizational Research, this month's  second speaker for the series Tezgahtakiler is Mehmet Özturan. Özturan will make a presentation about post-Ibn Sina period's logicians' understanding of concept and logic in the context of his PhD. Thesis entitled The problems of the concept in logic in the period of the Mutaakhkhirn -in the Case of Ali b. Umar al-Katibi and Qutbaddin al-Razi. The speech will be conducted in Turkish.

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