Timeless Turkish Movies Make a Comeback to the Silver Screen

08 May 2017

Thanks to a collaboration between the Foundation for Sciences and Arts' Center for Turkish Cinema Studies (TSA) and İstanbul Modern Cinema, with the endorsement of the General Directorate of Cinema and contributions from İstanbul Şehir University and Fanatic Film, timeless Turkish films are about to grace the silver screen once more. The program entitled “Timeless Movies” will take place from May 8-13, 2017 and will bring film lovers 22 films, ranging from the unforgettable Yeşilçam classics to the award-winning productions of modern Turkish cinema.

The Timeless Movies program has been divided into four main themes; Classics, Hidden Treasures, Social Realist Cinema, and New Turkish Cinema. These four themes will include films by significant directors from Turkish cinema, such as Atıf Yılmaz, Derviş Zaim, Duygu Sağıroğlu, Ertem Eğilmez, Ertem Göreç, Halit Refiğ, Lütfi Akad, Memduh Ün, Metin Erksan, Özcan Alper, and Semih Kaplanoğlu. The program will also include three panel discussions entitled “Social Realism in Turkish Cinema,” “Nostalgia and Melodrama in Yeşilçam,” and “New Pursuits in Turkish Cinema.” Each screening will be preceded by presentations from various academics and authors and followed by a panel discussion of how Yeşilçam is addressed in the emotional topography of people today.

The program will start on Monday, May 8 with the screening of Yilmaz Ali (1940), a black and white detective story, and Lütfi Akad’s adaptation of Halide Edip’s Vurun Kahpeye (1949). The program includes cult films from Turkish cinema, such as Zeki Ökten’s Askerin Dönüşü starring Kadir İnanır, Metin Erksan’s adaptation of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar’s Geçmiş Zaman Elbiseleri (1973), Memduh Ün’s Üç Arkadaş (1958), Atıf Yılmaz’ın Ah Güzel İstanbul (1966), Sinan Çetin’s Çiçek Abbas (1982) starring İlyas Salman and Şener Şen, Semih Kaplanoğlu’s Bal (2010), which was awarded the Golden Bear, and Derviş Zaim’s Gölgeler ve Suretler (2011).




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