Symposium: Evil in Philosophy, Film and Novel

24 January 2015 Salon: ZEYREK SALONU

The Center for Art Studies is organizing a symposium titled “Evil in Philosophy, Film and Novel” on January 24th, 2015. The symposium is the result of the work done by the Philosophy of Evil workshop that took place between march 2012 and February 2014 at the Center for Art Studies.
The symposium will be held under the moderation of Dr. Yaylagul Ceran Karataş and Celil Civan, and Mukadder Gezen, İsmail Kılıçaslan, Betül Tansel, Zeynep Gökgöz and Tuba Deniz will be respective speakers.
The symposium will be held in Zeyrek Hall in BSV at 15.00. The language of the symposium is Turkish and it's free to public.
Evil in Philosophy, Film and Novel

24 January 2015


Zeyrek Hall

Opening Session 15:00

Dr. Yaylagül Ceran Karataş

Is Evil Constructed or Natural: The Progress of the Philosophy of Evil Workshop

First Session: Ressentiment and Vengeance 15:20-16:40
Moderator: Yaylagül Ceran Karataş

Mukadder Gezen

Vengeance and Medea: Women and Evil in Ancient Greek

İsmail Kılıçaslan  

Crime and Punishment and Dogville: Ressentiment and Vengeance  in M. Scheler and Nietzsche

Betül Tansel

The Metamorphic Power of Vengeance: Park Chan-Wook’s Vengeance Films

Second Session: Art and Evil 17:00-18:00
 Celil Civan

Zeynep Gökgöz 

 Where is the Bad in This: The Presentation of Evil and Violence in Art

Tuba Deniz 

Camera Obscure: Does  Image Augment Evil?

Closing Session 18:10-19:00
Dr. Yaylagül Ceran Karataş
Doç. Dr. Zeynep Gemuhluoğlu



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