Abdulhamid II on the 90th Anniversary of His Death

17 October 2008 Salon: ZEYREK SALONU

The Center for Turkish Studies organized a symposium on “Abdulhamid II on the 90thAnniversary of His Death,” on October 18-19, 2008.  This special program, in which only invited academics participated, focused on many issues surrounding Sultan Abdulhamid and his period, ranging from central and local administrations under his rule to his domestic and foreign policy, from financial and economic policies to education and opposition, and from the Caliphate question to the religion-state relationship. The participants had the opportunity to discuss both basic perspectives on these issues and problematic areas in this period. 


18 October 2008 Saturday, Zeyrek Salonu
09.00-09.30    Açılış / Opening (Mustafa Özel)
I. Paper: Ali Birinci, II. Abdülhamid’in Biyografisi ve Hatırat(lar)ı
 (Biography and Memories of Abdul Hamid II)
09.30-10.30    Tartışma / Discussion
10.30-10.45    Ara / Break
10.45-11.15    II. Tebliğ: Ali Akyıldız, Yönetim ve Teşkilat: Merkez
                               (Administration and Institution: the Center)  
11.15-11.45    III. Tebliğ Abdülhamit Kırmızı, Yönetim ve Teşkilat: Taşra
                               ( Administration and Institution: The Province
11.45-12.45    Tartışma / Discussion
12.45-14.00    Öğle Yemeği Arası / Lunch
14.00-14.30    IV. Tebliğ: Gökhan Çetinsaya, İç Siyaset
                                 (Domestic Policy)
14.30-15.30    Tartışma / Discussion
15:30-15:45    Ara /Break
15.45-16.15    V. Tebliğ: Feroze Yasamee, Dış Politika (Diplomasi)
                               (Foreign Policy) 
16.15-17.15    Tartışma / Discussion
17:15-17:30    Ara / Break
17.30-18.00    VI. Tebliğ: Coşkun Çakır, Malî ve İktisadî Politikalar
18.00-19.00    Tartışma /  Discussion
Akşam Yemeği / Dinner
19 October 2008 Sunday, Zeyrek Salonu
09.00-09.30    VII. Tebliğ: Akşin Somel, Eğitim
09.30-10.30    Tartışma /  Discussion
10.30-10.45    Ara  / Break
10.45-11.15    VIII. Tebliğ: Enes Kabakçı, Muhalefet ve Aydınlar
                               (the Opposition and Intellectuals)
11.15-12.15    Tartışma /  Discussion
12.15-13.30    Öğle Yemeği Arası / Lunch
13.30-14.00    IX. Tebliğ: İsmail Kara, Din ve Siyaset
                                (Religion and Politics)
14.00-15.00    Tartışma /  Discussion
15:00-15:15    Ara  / Break
15.15-15:45    X. Tebliğ: Tufan Buzpınar, Hilafet Meselesi
                                ( the Caliphate)
15:45-16.45    Tartışma /  Discussion
16:45-17:00    Ara  / Break
17.00-17.30     XI. Tebliğ: Abdülhamit Kırmızı, Abdülhamid Dönemi
Bibliyografya Tahlilleri
(Analysises of Bibliyography on Hamidian Period)
17.30-18.30    Genel Değerlendirme (Common
Akşam Yemeği / Dinner



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