The waqfs of İzzet Mehmed Pasha of Safranbolu

Şefaattin Deniz

Monday, April 20, 2015 5:00 PM Salon: ŞAKİR KOCABAŞ SALONU

Şefaattin Deniz will be our guest in Dissertation-Article Discussions program this month, for a presentation on his thesis "The waqfs of İzzet Mehmed Pasha of Safranbolu" that he prepared at the Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar University  in 2014.
* The speech will be conducted in Turkish.
This study focuses mainly on the endowments of Izzet Mehmed Pasha after a detailed analysis of his life beginning from his birth in Safranbolu, his rise in his career, his services as Visier, his elevation to the post of Grand Visier and the important events in his era in the first chapter of the study. There are many charitable institutions constructed by Izzet Mehmed Pasha in Istanbul and in Manisa, but most of them being in Safranbolu. To meet the expenses of these institutions, he transferred many of his private properties in Safranbolu, in Istanbul, in Atina, in Izmir and in Manisa to the income resources of his endowments. The Pasha determined himself, how his endowments as establishments would function and the system adopted by him was also carried out by the trustees after him. This system play sun doubtedly a significant role in the survival of at least a few of his charitable institutions until the presentday. Izzet Mehmed Pasha invested his own properties that he acquired as a statesman in his endowments, whichmade a big contribution not only to the socio-economic, but also to the religious life of the cities, in which his charitable institutions are located. 



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