Dolmabahçe Palace: Building Pprocess, Location and Organisation

Tuncay Cengiz Göncü

Monday, June 8, 2015 5:30 PM Salon: ŞAKİR KOCABAŞ SALONU

Following the significant political events which were occured in the reign of Sultan Mahmud II; especially right after the abolition of Janissary Military Corps in 1826, it was initiated to change the palace organizations and rituels as so were in many fields; a new phase began over the concept of traditional palace architecture and art. Declaring the Edict of Regulation (Tanzimat Fermanı) Sultan Abdülmecid brought a new dimension in the reforms initiated which had been initiated by his father and the innovations which had been initiated earlier in the palace organizations and rituels continued.

Dolmabahçe palace, which has passed about 160 years since its construction, will be discussed with a different perspective due to new source material which has been opened recently. In this thesis, primarily the construction process of the palace, architectural staff and layout will be answered with the light of first degree source material. Afterwards, by evaluating the relative archive documents, it will be attempted to be clarified what kind of palace organization there was while it has existed and while it was used.




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