Evzahu'l-Mesâlik iilâ Ma'rifeti'l-Büldân ve'l-Memâli̇k / Esâmî-i Büldân

İlhami Danış

Thursday, December 28, 2017 5:00 PM Salon: ARAŞTIRMA II SALONU

On December 28th 2017, Center for Turkish Studies will host İlhami Danış* under the diskussions theses-articles. Danış will deliver a speech about Evzahu'l-Mesâlik iilâ Ma'rifeti'l-Büldân ve'l-Memâli̇k / Esâmî-i Büldân (Text and assesment)** based on his thesis.***

“Sipâhizâde Mehmed, one of the scholars and muslim judge of Ottoman Empire in the XVI century, has been an important reference source for his period with his work Evzahu'l-mesâlik-ma'rifeti'l-büldân ve'l-memâlik throughout history. Today, there are dozens of copies of this work in İstanbul as well as many copies in different countries. The most famous seas, mountains, lakes and rivers are introduced in the first four chapters of the work, which starts providing basic information about geography. In the fifth chapter, basic information about hundreds of cities is given. One of the most basic reasons why this work is referenced so often is that the cities are ordered alphabetically. The most basic source of Sipâhizâde Mehmed's work is Abu'l-Fida's Takvîmü'l-büldân. He is one of the Islamic geographers of XIV century. Sipâhizâde, also benefited from over thirty different sources in his work. In this study the copies of Evzahu'l-mesâlik ilâ ma'rifeti'l-büldân ve'l-memâlik in Istanbul have been reviewed, one of the copies presented to Sultan Murad III was transcribed and the work was analyzed in terms of its place and effect in geography studies.”



**Evzahu'l-Mesâlik iilâ Ma'rifeti'l-Büldân ve'l-Memâli̇k / Esâmî-i Büldân (Text and assesment), Doktoral Thesis, Istanbul University, 2017.

*** The speech will be conducted in Turkish.



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