Ottoman-Southeast Asian Relations

İsmail Hakkı Kadı

12/جمادى الثانية/1441 05:00 م Salon: ŞAKİR KOCABAŞ SALONU

This is a talk series conducted with authors who have recently published a book in the area of Turkish studies. It aims to both have a conversation with authors who have a new idea to share with the academic community, and critically review their work. On February 6th 2020, Center for Turkish Studies will host İsmail Hakkı Kadı* under the diskussions a book/an author. Kadı will deliver a speech about Ottoman-Southeast Asian Relations** based on his a book.***

“Ottoman-Southeast Asian Relations: Sources from the Ottoman Archives, is a product of meticulous study of İsmail Hakkı Kadı, A.C.S. Peacock and other contributors on historical documents from the Ottoman archives. The work contains documents in Ottoman-Turkish, Malay, Arabic, French, English, Tausug, Burmese and Thai languages, each introduced by an expert in the language and history of the related country. The work contains documents hitherto unknown to historians as well as others that have been unearthed before but remained confined to the use of limited scholars who had access to the Ottoman archives. The resources published in this study show that the Ottoman Empire was an active actor within the context of Southeast Asian experience with Western colonialism. The fact that the extensive literature on this experience made limited use of Ottoman source materials indicates the crucial importance of this publication for future innovative research in the field.”


*Assoc. Prof. Dr., Istanbul Medeniyet University

** Ismail Hakkı Kadı and A.C.S. Peacock, 2 c., Brill, 2019

*** The speech will be conducted in Turkish


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