The Foundation for Sciences and Arts (BİSAV), has been trying to provide a platform for independent and original research, teaching, and discussion for over a quarter of a century, in order to study and analyze science, philosophy, and art with a fresh perspective and new methods, and to use them in the service of humanity, to understand the underlying dynamics of the contemporary world and revisit Turkish society’s modernization process, to help find the Turkish people’s historical roots and contribute to the building of a bright future on the basis of these foundations.

There are four research centers that carry out all academic activities at the Foundation, including lectures, seminars, research, conferences, panels and publications: The Center for Civilizational Studies (MAM), the Center for Turkish Studies (TAM), the Center for Global Studies (KAM), and the Center for Art Studies (SAM).

These centers also host many reading, research, and project groups and organize specialized projects and workshops. The fruits of the individual and joint projects conducted by each center are released in the form of books, articles, translations, symposia, panels, lectures, seminars, and special events, all of which complement one another in different ways. 

خيار المحررين


As the most traditonal activity of BISAV, the courses take place in every fall and spring of a year.



الاشتراك في النشرة الإخبارية لدينا لتلقي الأخبار والتحديثات.