The Notes is a publication series launched to publicize the transcribed versions of the symposia, conferences, interviews, and presentations organized by the Foundation for Sciences and Arts. Having released its 32st title in 2015, the following titles have so far been published in the series, in chronological order:

1.      Tradition, Sufism and Religious Pluralism in Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s Thought

2.      Empire or Cosmopolis? Civilization at the Crossroads

3.      Ottoman History based on the Contemporary Histories-Chronicles

4.      Debates on the Formation of the Ottoman Empire

5.      Ottoman Law in the Age of the Tanzimat

6.      Interviews on Istanbul’s Libraries

7.      The Man Who Looks at the Sky: Takiyüddin Rasıd on the 420th Anniversary of His Death

8.      On National Cinema with Yücel Çakmaklı

9.      Her Father’s Daughter: Fatma Aliye Hanım on the 70th Anniversary of Her Death

10.  Westernization of the Turkish Literature

11.  Edirne, Bursa and Istanbul in 15th - and 16th -century Divans

12.  The Two Sides of Salvation: Truth and Politics -- Katip Celebi on the 350th Anniversary of His Death

13.  The Ottoman Ulema

14.  The Ottoman Political Tradition and the Eastern Question in Europe

15.  The Ottoman-era in Late-Byzantine Chronicles

16.  Population and Settlement Policies in the Ottoman Empire

17.  Talks on Islamophobia

18.  On Illustration with an Extra-ordinary Illustrator

19.  Talks on Iran and the Middle East

20.  Panel on Children’s Literature: A Literature that Understands Children

21.  Children Meet the Arts: Art in the Language of Children

22.  Effective Management Talks

23. The Ottoman Military History

24. Notes on Contemporary Arts

25. Talks on Publishing and Publishers

26. Talks on  China

27. Comparing the Civilizations: The Example of George Makdisi

28. Actuality of the Beautiful in the Arts-Philosophy Relationship

29. A Curious Pilgrim Hasan Aycın

30. Nature: Cosmon and Human

31. Arts in Philosophy

32. Anatolian Chronicles



As the most traditonal activity of BISAV, the courses take place in every fall and spring of a year.



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