General Collection

Our library, by its nature, is a specialized library, which consists of 146400 volumes and over 2600 periodicals. It has around 3325 manuscript and printed Ottoman Turkish works. A fourth of the collection is comprised of foreign language works, mainly the English language. Although the collection contains literature on just about everything, the works on social sciences make up a larger portion of the library. The library expands its capacity through acquisitions made to meet the researchers' needs for local and foreign resources, but one of its major sources of input remains donations. The BİSAV Library, in this regard, is also home to six important private collections, namely; the Seyfettin Manisalıgil Library, the Mehmet Serhan Tayşi Library, the Ahmet Davutoglu Library, the Halil Ibrahim Şener Library, the Ali Alioğlu Library, and the Arslan Pulathaneli Library.

          01. 08. 2023



As the most traditonal activity of BISAV, the courses take place in every fall and spring of a year.



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